Meet Michael Bowen – Your #1 Choice for high-return investments in South Africa

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R500 000 profit in 24 hours. This back-to-back investment deal sounds too good to be true for many, but for Michael it’s just one of many strategies used to create wealth. “Join me and I’ll show you all the proof you need,” says Michael Bowen, “it’s publicly available information at the deeds office.”

Meet Michael Bowen, your go-to partner for maximising your investment returns in South Africa. Whether you use your own savings, retirement fund, or loan money from the bank at a low interest rate, and invest with us at a higher interest rate, the choice to grow your own wealth is yours.

Michael Bowen is a consummate professional with over 15 years of business and property investing  experience. He is not only a seasoned expert in cash-flow-positive property investing, but he’s also an energising businessman and an inspirational coach who has spoken at events for some of the largest property networking and training providers in Southern Africa.

Among his businesses, he is the founder of ZAHomes and AirStays, and together with his business partner Jacques du Toit, a qualified accountant and entrepreneur, they invest into cash-flow-positive property through ZAHomes. At ZAHomes, they partner with cash-rich but time-poor investors, giving these investors the opportunity of investing into equity-positive properties without much time required.  Investors can invest either in a passive role and earn up to 15% interest, or as active participants wanting to learn from us how to acquire property for themselves. This comes with up to 10% interest on their investment. The investor outlay may be returned in as little as six months, but typically takes 15-18 months on average to return along with the interest.

Investing in property has never been easier, and no matter if you’re an expatriate living in the US, UK, or right here in South Africa, you can join Michael Bowen and his team at ZAHomes, to earn higher returns on your cash investments while guaranteeing the safe return of your money and interest.

Cash-flow-positive real estate solutions

Investor Nick Koumpan was warned by many of investing into the real estate market during a pandemic … especially with someone he had never met and didn’t know. But after careful consideration, doing his due diligence, and committing to growing his wealth, he made the decision to go for it. Within six months he had already started to receive payments back. “It’s like you can reach out and touch him,” says Koumpan, who found Bowen to be honest, reliable and persevering in nature. “I’ve already told him not to return the money, but to reinvest it.” 

Koumpan was subsequently offered a partnership in Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth) and joined the other homes in South Africa, including Ralph Hollenstein in Johannesburg, Lukhanyo Vapi and Libalele Ngwenya in Durban, Nealle Evert and Tamaryn Selway in Cape Town and Heinrich and Melissa Kilian in Bloemfontein.

Each of these homes invests into the higher-yielding properties of Airbnb and Multi-lets/Student accommodation so as to realise maximum profit and guarantee investor returns.  Out of these investments and business model, a secondary business partnership was formed called AirStays. 

In partnership with Melissa Kilian, Airstays sets up and automates Airbnb/ listings to decrease administration, while increasing occupancy and revenue. Clients are seeing 20% growth in revenue alone, whilst others have dropped down involvement by over eight hours per week per unit managed. Automation is simplifying lives and increasing wealth at the same time. 

Many strings to this bow

On top of investment opportunities, Michael provides services as a property investment and business coach, in which he channels his 15 years of experience into teaching his clients how to master property investment. Willing property investors who sign up for his coaching programme will get access to one-on-one sessions, time-tested strategies, varied finance models that can be applied in any situation, an expansive personal network, and more! His coaching program puts a strong emphasis on real-world experience. Online courses and YouTube videos are great educational tools, but he knows that those can only take one so far.

Michael’s social, intellectual and financial capital, along with his experience and keen instincts are what allow him to spot golden opportunities, negotiate win-win situations, and find practical strategies to accomplish any investment goal — and these are the skills he wants to pass onto others. “We’re not only in it for the money,” he says. “We care about helping people. We want to help people who are going through a tough time. Whether you live in South Africa, the United States, or anywhere else in the world, we can help you.” 

Michael holds an MBA from the University of Liverpool. To find out how you can join and start earning higher returns, and for more information about Michael Bowen, his businesses, and his incredible property investment opportunities, visit his website or for a full list of his social channels and free eBooks, please click here.

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