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Third time lucky: Will Mozambique’s peace deal last?

It’s been a year since Frelimo and Renamo signed the Maputo Accord. This time, the peace might just hold

Remembering a warlord democrat

Afonso Dhlakama, the Mozambican rebel leader, was a quixotic, charismatic figure

Mozambique rebel leader Dhlakama dead, say party sources

Several sources in the Renamo party said the veteran rebel leader passed away after an unconfirmed heart attack

Renamo boycotts Assembly opening

Afonso Dhlakama demands that a caretaker government be put in place to reform the electoral institutions.

Renamo’s Dhlakama hits Maputo campaign trail

After an electoral overhaul, Renamo's Afonso Dhlakama is confident that the upcoming presidential election will be the first with credibility.

Mozambique’s former rebel leader rides election wave

Despite support waning drastically, former rebel leader Afonso Dhlakama is pulling the numbers in the Mozambique presidential election campaign.

Mozambique rivals sign landmark peace deal

Mozambique's president Armando Guebuza and rebel Renamo leader Afonso Dhlakama signed a peace deal in Maputo, bringing to an end a two-year conflict.

Moz army attacks former Renamo rebel camp

Mozambique's armed forces have attacked a camp of former rebels in the country's centre where "bandits" terrorised civilians on the road last month.

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