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/ 7 May 2008

Stephen Hawking to spend time in SA

He’s been described as science’s first real rock star and the most famous physicist never to win a Nobel Prize. He knows black holes and p-branes inside out and he’s headed for South Africa. Cambridge Professor Stephen Hawking, author of the best-selling A Brief History of Time, arrives in Cape Town this week to deliver a public lecture, his first on the African continent.

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/ 15 December 2007

Get ready for Googlepedia

Google is working on a new internet encyclopedia that will consist of material submitted by people who want to be identified as experts and possibly profit from their knowledge. The concept, outlined in a posting on Google’s website, poses a potential challenge to the non-profit Wikipedia, which has drawn upon the collective wisdom of unpaid, anonymous contributors.

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/ 13 September 2007

Robot ‘Geppetto’ builds artificial boy

David Hanson has two little Zenos to care for these days. There’s his 18-month-old son Zeno, who prattles and smiles as he bounds through his father’s cramped office. Then there is the robotic Zeno. It cannot speak or walk yet, but has blinking eyes that can track people and a face that captivates with a range of expressions.