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/ 1 May 2008

Chávez raises Venezuelan minimum wage by 30%

President Hugo Chávez is raising Venezuela’s minimum wage by 30% as inflation continues to soar in the oil-producing nation. The socialist leader has signed a decree that will fix the monthly minimum wage at , starting on May 1, International Workers’ Day. Chávez says the move will give Venezuela the highest minimum wage in Latin America.

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/ 6 March 2008

Chávez accuses Colombia of war crimes

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez accused his Colombian counterpart of war crimes as Venezuela and Ecuador turned up the heat on Bogotá over its military strike on an insurgent camp inside Ecuador. ”A war crime occurred there,” Chávez charged late on Wednesday at a joint press conference with Ecuadorian counterpart Rafael Correa.

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/ 27 February 2008

Venezuelan helicopters fly to free hostages

Two Venezuelan helicopters flew into Colombia on Wednesday to pick up four lawmakers held hostage for years in jungle camps by Marxist rebels, in a diplomatic victory for Venezuela’s President Hugo Chávez. The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia last month released two politicians in a deal brokered by Chávez.

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/ 22 February 2008

Plane carrying 46 believed crashed in Venezuela

A Venezuelan passenger plane with 46 people aboard went missing and likely crashed in a remote mountain region soon after taking off from an Andean city just before dusk on Thursday. Villagers reported hearing a huge noise they thought could be a crash after the twin-engine plane flew out of the high-altitude city of Merida headed for the capital Caracas.

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/ 13 February 2008

Venezuela halts oil supplies to Exxon Mobil

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez stopped oil exports to Exxon Mobil on Tuesday, escalating a multibillion-dollar fight with the United States company two days after threatening to cut off all supplies to America. The anti-US president’s retaliation for Exxon’s legal offensive pushed oil prices higher in late trading.

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/ 30 December 2007

Chávez vows to put ‘revolution’ back on track

Venezuela President Hugo Chávez promised on Saturday to tackle poor garbage collection and high crime in a bid to win back support for his socialist ”revolution”, which was hurt in a poll defeat a few weeks ago. Chávez spent much of 2007 working on political ”reforms” that would have allowed him to run for re-election indefinitely.

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/ 2 December 2007

Chávez for life? Venezuelans to vote on re-election

Venezuelans vote in a tightly contested referendum on Sunday on whether to allow left-wing President Hugo Chávez to stay in power for as long as he keeps winning elections or hand him his first defeat at the polls. The anti-American firebrand, who has easily won one election after another against a fragmented opposition, is in the hardest campaign of his life.

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/ 18 September 2007

‘Dead’ man wakes up under autopsy knife

A Venezuelan man who had been declared dead woke up in the morgue in excruciating pain after medical examiners began their autopsy. Carlos Camejo (33) was declared dead after a highway accident and taken to the morgue, where examiners began an autopsy only to realise something was amiss when he started bleeding.

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/ 9 August 2007

Hamilton has Alonso rattled, says Hakkinen

Former world champion Mika Hakkinen says the competition provided by Lewis Hamilton has current world champion Fernando Alonso rattled. The pair are teammates at McLaren-Mercedes but Spaniard Alonso is said to be not speaking to Hamilton after a series of incidents between the pair in the Briton’s rookie season.

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/ 28 May 2007

Protests against Venezuelan TV-station closure

Police using water cannons on Sunday dispersed thousands of stone-throwing protesters outside Venezuela’s telecom authority, which ordered the country’s most popular television off the air at midnight. The closure of Venezuela’s oldest network is the latest bone of contention in President Hugo Chávez’s socialist revolution.

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/ 6 May 2007

Chávez blocks exports of largest steel maker

President Hugo Chávez said on Saturday that Venezuela’s largest steel maker, Sidor, will not be allowed to make any more exports until it meets domestic needs, and threatened to expropriate the Argentine-controlled company if it resists. Chávez has criticized Sidor for selling the bulk of its production overseas and forcing local producers to import from elsewhere.

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/ 15 February 2007

Tricky draw for Copa America holders Brazil

Holders Brazil landed a tricky draw for the Copa America on Wednesday as they were thrown into Group B along with Mexico, Ecuador and Chile. Brazil lost 1-0 in their last meeting with Mexico while Ecuador reached the last 16 at the World Cup in Germany and Chile appear set for a revival with a talented crop of young players.

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/ 10 January 2007

Chávez sworn in for new radical term

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez was sworn in on Wednesday for a new six-year term that he vows to use to press a radical socialist revolution, including nationalisations that have roiled financial markets. Emboldened by his landslide re-election win, the typically combative anti-United States leader has gone on the attack.

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/ 4 December 2006

Chávez storms to re-election victory

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez stormed to a re-election victory in Sunday’s vote, handing him an ample mandate to broaden his promised socialist revolution and challenge Washington’s influence in Latin America. Chávez told cheering supporters at his presidential palace late Sunday his landslide was a blow to United States President George Bush’s administration.

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/ 21 April 2006

Rampant violence plagues Venezuela

Venezuela is among the most violent places in Latin America, and critics of President Hugo Chávez are increasingly accusing him of failing to make crime a priority. A series of particularly heinous murders sparked protests earlier this month by crowds demanding immediate action to make the streets safer.

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/ 20 March 2006

Chávez: ‘George W Bush, you are a donkey’

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez flung fresh insults at his United States counterpart George Bush on Sunday, calling him a ”coward” over his handling of the Iraq war. ”Come here, Mr Danger, you are a coward, murderer, genocidal, alcoholic, drunk, immoral — you are the worst, Mr Danger, you are sick, and I know so personally,” Chávez said.