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/ 15 February 2007

Japanese whaling ship on fire in Antarctic waters

One crewman was missing after a fire erupted on a Japanese whaling ship in icy Antarctic waters on Thursday, following weeks of running battles between the hunters and militant environmentalists. The <i>Nisshin Maru</i> sent out a distress call before dawn, saying most of the crew had abandoned ship, with a few staying on board to fight the fire.

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/ 4 May 2006

Huge Pacific earthquake sparks tsunami panic

A massive earthquake with a magnitude of 7,8 rocked the island nation of Tonga on Thursday, triggering a panic evacuation in a New Zealand town after tsunami warnings were briefly issued for the South Pacific. Although the warnings were withdrawn within two hours, hundreds of people in the New Zealand coastal town of Gisborne, more than 2&nbsp;200km from the quake’s epicentre, fled their homes.