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What does the ruling on the suspension of British parliament mean?

The court said that the advice the PM had given to the queen, who formally issued the prorogation order, was "unlawful, void and of no effect"

The law aimed at blocking no-deal Brexit

The Brexit law that received royal assent on Monday is at the centre of a constitutional stand-off with enormous implications for Britain

British MPs set to vote on no-deal Brexit

Some eurosceptics are now pressing to end Britain's 46-year EU membership with no deal, but May warned this could cause "significant economic shock"

Brexit bill becomes law, allowing the UK to leave the EU

The bill transfers decades of European law onto British statute books, and also enshrines Brexit day in British law as March 29 2019

Italy votes in uncertain election stalked by populism

Tensions between far-right and anti-fascist activists have marred a gloomy campaign dominated by fears about immigration and economic malaise.

KFC falls fowl in Britain with chicken run

Hundreds of KFC outlets remained shut in the the UK due to a supply crisis after the company changed delivery partners

Pope’s butler sentenced to 18 months over Vatileaks scandal

The pope's former butler has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for stealing secret documents from the Vatican that revealed fraud and intrigue.

Greece closes in on coalition deal

Greece has begun a second day of coalition talks under the gun from financial markets and world powers after elections won by a pro-euro party.

Greece rushes to form government after election

Greece raced to form a coalition by the end of Monday after an election victory by pro-bailout parties eased global fears of a Greek eurozone exit.

Global anti-abuse conference set for the Vatican

Catholic leaders from around the world will meet next week for a conference to combat child abuse which will include a penitential service.

Crew, honeymooners rescued from Italy cruise disaster

Emergency services are searching for those still missing as honeymooners and a crew member have been rescued from the cruise ship wreck near Italy.

Panic on cruise ship ‘like on the Titanic’

Three people have died and several went missing after a cruise ship accident off an Italian island sparked chaos as passengers tried to get off.

Italy pins hopes on €10bn bond sale to solve debt woes

The EU is headed for Rome for talks as the Italian treasury launches a €10-billion bond sale to try to stem the nation's debt crisis.

Agreed reforms pave the way for Berlusconi’s resignation

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is set to resign after a parliamentary revolt and a wave of market panic that has shaken the eurozone.

Tunisian leader vows ‘total break’ with old regime

Tunisia's interim president on Wednesday promised a "total break" with the past and hailed "a revolution of dignity and liberty".

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Zuma, Zondo play the waiting game

The former president says he will talk once the courts have ruled, but the head of the state capture inquiry appears resigned to letting the clock run out as the commission's deadline nears

Stern warning against Covid greets Mthembu’s death

The ANC has slammed conspiracy theorists and cautioned against showing complacency towards the deadly virus

Lala ngoxolo Mvelase Jackson Mthembu

In his announcement, President Cyril Ramaphosa called the late minister ‘a life-long champion of freedom and democracy’

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