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Maths and physical science pass rates show a decline, even after leaked papers

Home languages have remained steady, with a 90% pass mark, but other critical subjects have declined slightly

Children left speechless, denied identity

Parents think it benefits children to lose their African language, but it leaves them lost instead

The language of Afrikaans is not the problem

English is a valuable resource, but we cannot continue to promote it at the expense of the indigenous languages — including Afrikaans

Slice of life: ‘I knew I’d be a writer’

I love how words can have new meaning. I love creating new words. I love seeing the inconsistencies in the English language

Africans deserve to hear their stories

As African literature becomes more accessible, it must be canonised like Tolstoy and Shakespeare’s

On the power of language

Educating our children in their mother tongues will help to address underdevelopment in Africa

When love conquers

A family with everything money can buy, but beneath the surface their lives are seriously damaged

Slice of Life: Determination is my language

'I was very afraid to speak English, but with her all the fear disappeared'

English only at varsity is not a remedy

And its use doesn’t mean that education will be more inclusive and equitable

​Universities must make a strategic language compromise to suit the student profile

The average student is female, black, not wealthy enough, and wants to be taught in English, writes Tinyiko Maluleke.

Diversity, not division, in lecture halls

Using English as the main medium of instruction at Tukkies will help build a new, inclusive culture.

Parents take school to court over forced English tuition

A group of concerned parents have taken a Northern Cape primary school to court for forcing its pupils to learn in English.

Thousands march over alleged racism at Heidelberg school

Marchers have demanded Heidelberg Hoër Volkskool relooks its decision to phase out English classes, claiming it to be racist and unconstitutional.

English is, literally, going to pot

It’s not, like, acceptable that the language is being mangled for the sake of expediency. But whatever.

Make time for yourself

Top educationist Jane Hofmeyr says working moms need to make compromises but should not neglect themselves

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Jacob Zuma misses court deadline to respond to contempt application

Recalcitrant former president holds virtual meeting with ANC top six

Tackling the Western Cape’s housing problem, shack by shack

Youths can learn new skills and earn money at The Shackbuilder training institute, where how to build a shack is on the curriculum

Don’t be deceived: Covid-19 vaccines are not for sale

Police warn against fake Covid-19 vaccines and urge the public to report any criminal activities

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