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/ 18 April 2008

Mugabe set to come out fighting

Zimbabwe’s beleaguered President Robert Mugabe was set on Friday to make his first keynote speech since the country’s disputed polls at celebrations to mark the 28th anniversary of the country’s independence. Mugabe was scheduled to be the main speaker at a rally at the Gwanzura Stadium in Highfield, a suburb of Harare.

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/ 18 April 2008

‘Reform the ICC, or we walk’

Cricket faces the threat of the biggest revolt in its history, with elite players ready to call for a breakaway from the International Cricket Council (ICC). Fica, the international players’ union, will demand far-reaching reform of the ICC, the global governing body it considers to be paralysed by the dominance of India’s Board of Control for Cricket.

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/ 26 March 2008

Zim meltdown: SA keeps counsel

South Africa has steadfastly refused to join in the chorus of criticism of Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe despite paying an ever higher price for the crisis across its northern border. As Zimbabwe goes to the polls this weekend, analysts believe South African President Thabo Mbeki may feel little enthusiasm towards Mugabe but will never embarrass his fellow leader.

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/ 3 December 2007

When the media’s voice is misheard

What is the voice of the media? The question was sparked by a recent complaint about a report on service delivery protests, as well as some elements of the current debate around the media. Dale McKinley, of the Anti-Privatisation Forum , wrote that a report entitled ”The travelling protesters” was ”one-sided, politically biased, factually incorrect and lazy”.

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/ 29 November 2007

Hundreds pay tribute to Ian Smith

Hundreds of people gathered in a Cape Town church on Thursday to remember Ian Smith, Rhodesia’s widely reviled former prime minister, as a kind, stubborn and misunderstood son of the soil. The hall of the St John’s Anglican Church in Cape Town overflowed with well-wishers — all but a handful of them white and many ex-Rhodesian.

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/ 28 November 2007

Senegal’s Wade to mediate with Mugabe

Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade will fly to Zimbabwe on Wednesday for talks with President Robert Mugabe in an attempt to resolve a row between Harare and London that threatens to derail a European Union-Africa summit next month. Wade will fly to Zimbabwe after British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said on Tuesday he would boycott the planned December 8 to 9 summit in Lisbon.

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/ 21 November 2007

Former Rhodesian leader Ian Smith dies

Ian Smith, who defied the world in 1965 when he led 270 000 white Rhodesians in a unilateral declaration of independence from Britain rather than accept moves to black-majority rule, has died in South Africa aged 88. State-owned radio ZBC, reporting his death, said ”Smith will be remembered for his racism and for the deaths of many Zimbabweans.”

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/ 1 November 2007

Bruiser Bob relishes diplomatic coup

A decision by the European Union to allow Robert Mugabe to a summit is a rare diplomatic coup for Zimbabwe’s leader whose relations with the West have plummeted almost as fast as his country’s economy. In power since the former British colony won independence in 1980, Mugabe has shown no sign of mellowing in his old age.

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/ 29 October 2007

Last BA flight from a grounded economy

The last flight out taxied from the sparkling new Harare airport, lifted over the city and dipped its wings in farewell. With that, at 9am on Sunday, British Airways (BA) said goodbye to Zimbabwe. Though symbolic, it’s not the first time BA has been forced out of Zimbabwe in the 75 years since the first flying boats opened up the aerial link with Southern Africa.

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/ 23 September 2007

‘Tall and black’ vs ‘white and colonial’

”Mugabe stands very tall and black,” boasted Herald columnist Nathaniel Manheru in Zimbabwe on Saturday. ”Brown stands white and colonial.” It was a reminder of the intensity of the diplomatic row that has erupted over British Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s decision to boycott a Europe-Africa summit if Mugabe shows up.

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/ 21 September 2007

Zimbabwe lashes British cleric

Zimbabwe’s information minister on Friday hit out at calls by the Archbishop of York to step up punitive measures against President Robert Mugabe’s government. Archbishop John Sentamu’s comments were misplaced and unfortunate, said Information Minister Sikhanyiso Ndlovu.

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/ 29 August 2007

Cut ties with Australia, say Zim state media

Zimbabwe’s state media on Wednesday called on the government to sever ties with Australia, accusing Prime Minister John Howard’s government of seeking to topple veteran President Robert Mugabe. ”There is no need to continue keeping up appearances when diplomatic ties between the two countries have irrevocably broken down,” the state-run Herald said.