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/ 22 May 2008

Zimbabwe: Where to now?

Zimbabwe is on a path of renewal. On March 29 the baby was conceived. The birth pains and the labour might be arduous, but we are absolutely certain that the baby will be delivered. To anticipate the future we need to understand our past. The Zimbabwe crisis is inextricably linked to the nature of the post-colonial state.

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/ 17 March 2008

A neglected moral vision

The fierce struggle to combat apartheid in the years before its demise and in the ongoing fight against its residual effects sometimes, however, loses sight of the fact that the root causes of apartheid evil lay deeper than its manifestation. Human greed, exclusion and unbridled power continue to manifest themselves, writes Charles Villa-Vicencio.

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/ 25 January 2008

Survey shows SA wealth gap widening

South Africa’s wealth gap is widening and the average black citizen still only earns an eighth of what his white counterpart does nearly 14 years after the end of apartheid. In its annual survey, the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, said inequality rose from 0,60 in 2006 to 0,62 last year on a zero to one scale.