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/ 26 November 2007

Older white women join Kenya’s sex tourists

Bethan lives in southern England on the same street as best friend Allie (64). They are on their first holiday to Kenya, a country they say is ”just full of big young boys who like us older girls”. Hard figures are difficult to come by, but local people on the coast estimate that as many as one in five single women visiting from rich countries are in search of sex.

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/ 12 April 2005

Kenya seeks $1m compensation for oil spill

Authorities in Kenya are seeking -million in compensation from the Indian owners of an oil tanker that spilled 140 tonnes of crude into Mombasa harbour last week. Kenya’s National Environment Management Authority (Nema) asked the owners of the MV Ratna Shalini to pay 76-million shillings (-million) for the spill that forced a frantic clean-up effort.

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/ 26 July 2004

Families of Kenyan hostages in Iraq slam govt

The families of Kenyan truck drivers kidnapped in Iraq have criticised their government and urged France to step in and mediate the release of the hostages, whose execution was stayed on Monday to allow negotiations. An Iraqi militant group calling itself Holders of the Black Banners last Wednesday kidnapped the Kenyans and four other men.

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/ 13 June 2004

How al-Qaeda leader slipped through the net

For one night, Kenyan police had one of the FBI’s most wanted al-Qaeda terrorists behind bars. It should have been a coup for Kenya’s cops. The problem was they didn’t know his true identity, and a day after his detention on July 12 2002, the man escaped, outwitting seven police officers armed with AK-47s and 9mm pistols.

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/ 30 April 2004

‘Come back, Mr America’

Scores of international tourists are leaving Kenya’s coast as the high season ends and the long rains set in. But this year there are very few Americans among them. Shortly before the Easter holiday period, the United States government warned that the threat of terrorist attacks remained greater in Kenya and Tanzania than anywhere else in Africa.