Penny Sparrow

A racism lesson for Mayor Plato

Covert racism hides behind its willingness to throw a few of its own under the bus so it can maintain the status quo — but it’s still racism

Race row erupts after guards allegedly clear Cape Town beach of black people

Mayor of Cape Town Dan Plato dismisses claims by PPA security firm that it was working for the city authorities

Internet freedom thrives in SA

South Africa has been ranked 8th in internet freedom out of 65 countries but, as Gigaba will know this week, we might be enjoying it too much

Judgment reserved in Velaphi Khumalo racial slur case

Judge Roland Sutherland heard arguments from the parties and said he would assess the evidence before giving judgment

Facebook Hitler commenter accepts comments were ‘grossly inappropriate’

Twenty-nine-year-old Velaphi Khumalo made the comments in a Facebook post in January 2016

Estate agency industry slow to transform

Recent racist incidents involving real estate agents have put the sector’s transformative capacity in dispute.

A rant on Facebook will see one man in the Equality Court

Vicki Momberg's case has set a precedent for crimen injuria which may mean a racist rant on Facebook could lead to similar penalties

​Civil redress better than policing hate

The best outcome of Jon Qwelane’s court case would be restoring the dignity of those he harmed.

Oliphant in the room: How is she different to Penny Sparrow?

Palesa Lebitse explores hate speech legislation in South Africa and makes an interesting comparison

Goodbye, 2016. We really tried

In the spirit of salvaging some inspiration from 2016, let us muse upon the significance of motivational quotes from the holy text of Facebook.

​Equality Court judgment served on Sparrow’s daughter

In terms of the court order, Penny Sparrow has 60 days within which to pay the sum of R150 000, calculated from the day of service.

Penny Sparrow to have her day in court

The KZN estate agent who enraged many South Africans in January with racist comments on Facebook will appear in court this week.


Tshwane water woes in court again

The municipality has been accused of deliberately derailing the contract to sort out toxic water crisis in Hammanskraal

Life in lockdown: Behind closed doors keeping out the coronavirus

South African students in China are staying behind closed doors due to the coronavirus outbreak

Apartheid criminals still at large

Corporations and banks that aided the apartheid regime have not been brought to book, so they continue to act with impunity

Press Releases

Response to the report of the independent assessors

VUT welcomes the publishing of the report of the independent assessors to investigate concerns of poor governance, leadership, management, corruption and fraud at the university.

NWU student receives international award

Carol-Mari Schulz received the Bachelor of Health Sciences in Occupational Hygiene Top Achiever Award.

Academic programme resumes at all campuses

Lectures, practicals, seminars and tutorials will all resume today as per specific academic timetables.

Strategic social investments are a catalyst for social progress

Barloworld Mbewu enables beneficiaries to move away from dependence on grant funding

We all have a part to play to make South Africa work

Powering societal progress demands partnerships between all stakeholders

So you want to be a social entrepreneur?

Do the research first; it will save money and time later

Social entrepreneurship means business

Enterprises with a cause at their core might be exactly what our economy desperately needs

Looking inwards

Businesses are finding tangible ways to give back – but only because consumers demand it