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/ 8 July 2009

Simon Grindrod — the former head of the Cope’s election campaign — seems determined to air what he believes is the party’s dirty laundry in public.

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/ 18 December 2007

ANC plans to expand national executive committee

<a href=""><img src="" align=left border=0></a>The ANC has resolved to increase its national executive committee from 60 to 86 members to ensure greater representation of the party’s motive forces. The decision came amid concern from some members of the ANC and its alliance partners that the executive no longer represents the party’s core constituency.

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/ 16 September 2007

SACP takes ‘dim view’ of Madisha

A South African Communist Party (SACP) task team set up to investigate a controversial alleged donation by businessman Charles Modise has found no credible evidence that the donation ever existed, the party said on Sunday. The SACP said its political bureau took a ”dim view” of the conduct of Willie Madisha in the way he had handled the controversy.