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/ 9 May 2008

Zimbabwe opposition rejects presidential run-off

Zimbabwe’s opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) will not participate in a presidential run-off against Robert Mugabe, a top party official said on Thursday, after reports of escalating violence deepened a post-election crisis. The MDC believes its leader Morgan Tsvangirai won the outright majority in the March 29 election.

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/ 19 April 2008

Zim election battle turns to recount

Zimbabwean election officials are expected on Saturday to begin a partial recount of votes from the March 29 elections despite opposition protests and widespread fears the political stalemate could erupt in violence.The recount in 23 of 210 constituencies could overturn the results of the parliamentary election.

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/ 8 April 2008

SA journalist arrested by Israeli police

South African journalist Mark Klusener has been arrested in Jerusalem by Israeli police, the Foreign Affairs Department said on Monday. ”A South African journalist, Mark Klusener, was arrested along with seven other media workers, according to the South African embassy in Tel Aviv,” said department spokesperson Ronnie Mamoepa.

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/ 6 April 2008

SA technician being held in Zim admitted to hospital

South African satellite technician Sipho Maseko, who is being held in a Zimbabwean prison, has been admitted to St Anne’s Hospital in Harare after his blood-sugar levels reached danger levels, his employer, Globecast, said on Sunday. Globecast spokesperson Melanie Gibb said Maseko, a diabetic, was looked at by a doctor from the South African embassy.

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/ 1 April 2008

SA pilot to appear in Zimbabwe court

South African helicopter pilot Brent Smyth, who was arrested in Zimbabwe last week, will appear again in court on Thursday, said his employer ATS aviation services. Smyth arrived at the court in Harare on Tuesday but was sent away after the magistrate said he needed two days to prepare his findings.

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/ 12 March 2008

SA rejects Mann’s coup-plot allegations

South Africa on Wednesday rejected ”with contempt” claims by jailed British mercenary Simon Mann that it backed his plot to overthrow the government of Equatorial Guinea. ”South Africa is thrown in just out of the blue … he says he had a nod from us. I would like to know in what sense he had a nod,” Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Aziz Pahad said.

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/ 3 January 2008

Mlungisi Sisulu dies in London

Mlungisi Sisulu, son of Max and Elinor Sisulu, died in London early on Thursday morning, the Department of Foreign Affairs said. Departmental spokesperson Ronnie Mamoepa said Mlungisi, who was in his late 30s, died from a ”suspected illness” at 3am on Thursday.

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/ 5 December 2007

How do SA Cabinet members unwind?

What does President Thabo Mbeki like to do in his spare time? Ballroom dancing? Playing the piano? No, the man likes to work during leisure hours, says his spokesperson. As the ruling party’s national conference in Polokwane approaches members of the South African Cabinet certainly need ways to unwind.