/ 23 June 2023

This is Jo’burg Season 1 Episode 7: What’s so funny about Africa’s wealthiest city?


Jo’burg has been Africa’s wealthiest city since the goldrush in 1886, and remains so. The symbol of this wealth, where many massive deals and power politics were plotted, still stands, albeit a little forlornly. Charles Leonard is taken on a walking tour by the Rand Club’s first black, female chairperson. He also gets Jo’burg’s funniest stand-up comedian to tell him his funniest Jo’burg joke.

Host: Charles Leonard

Guests: Alicia Thompson; Trevor Gumbi

Photograph: Charles Leonard


Compiled, produced, hosted & engineered by Charles Leonard.

Recorded in May & June 2023 for the Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Study (JIAS).


  1. Pink Floyd – Money
  2. The Shyannes – Asso-Kam
  3. Herbie Tsoaeli – Umntu


Alicia Thompson 9’55”

Trevor Gumbi 26’47”