Richard Branson


World grapples with aviation's climate-change footprint

Charlie McDonald-Gibson

Air travel is booming as the world's population grows and fares fall, but its impact on the Earth's sensitive climate must be taken into account in any new global-warming pact, green groups say. More than 900 delegates flew into Bangkok this week for a meeting on global warming, spewing about 4181 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Stephen Hawking to spend time in SA

Staff Reporter

He's been described as science's first real rock star and the most famous physicist never to win a Nobel Prize. He knows black holes and p-branes inside out and he's headed for South Africa. Cambridge Professor Stephen Hawking, author of the best-selling A Brief History of Time, arrives in Cape Town this week to deliver a public lecture, his first on the African continent.

Sector-sharing power? No -- April Fool's Day!

Imke Van Hoorn, Sapa-AFP

You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. Bleary-eyed readers of the Mail & Guardian Online on Tuesday April 1 could be forgiven for falling for Eskom's bold new "sector-sharing plan" to save electricity. We round up some of the day's best pranks.