“Think about it, speak about it, be about it — and it will be.”

Azaria Khoza


Film & Media

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The personal achievement that makes Azaria Khoza, 31, most proud is becoming a producer on the same show on which he was a presenter in 2018. Kids Newsroom, aired on SABC2, provides a platform for young and upcoming dancers, singers and poets between the ages of seven and 16, and it also encourages children to express themselves on how they see the world around them. It’s the perfect fusion of entertainment and education. He also presents on an SABC1 programme called Expressions, which also empowers South Africa’s youth. Azaria believes that we should act on our intuition more, and that acting upon it means taking baby steps to start with, and turning around and facing up to our fears. He is inspired to become the best person he possibly can be and to keep growing in his career for the rest of his life because of his background in the township. In his opinion, the future of the entertainment industry in this country is exciting and dynamic. New technologies are changing production processes and how content is distributed. South African TV personalities are becoming more involved in international productions, which means their influence is increasingly extending beyond our borders.


Design and Marketing diplomas, Tshwane University of Technology


One of my proudest achievements is being a producer for the children’s TV show Kids News Room, which airs on SABC 2 every Monday. This project means a lot to me as I started out as a presenter on the very same show back in 2018. Being given the opportunity to be a producer of the show has given me power to transform the lives of children around South Africa. Through this project I am able to provide a platform for young and upcoming dancers, singers and poets, where they can showcase their talent on national television.


Television presenter and actor Aaron Moloisi inspires me a lot. He has been in the game for over three decades, and he is consistent.