“Each generation must, out of relative obscurity, discover its mission, fulfil it, or betray it.” ― Frantz Fanon

Itumeleng Mpofu


Film & Media

Organisation / Company

University of Cape Town


Information sharing is at the centre of Itumeleng Mpofu’s work. First, at OpenUCT, Itumeleng, 29, is responsible for archiving institutional research, open educational resources and electronic theses and dissertations. He is also involved in the African Platform for Open Scholarship, which contributes to the growth and development of local research, fostering advancement in African society. In his personal capacity, Itumeleng founded Break It Down, a social media platform dedicated to simplifying complex political, economic and social issues. Break It Down serves as a tool for social activism and uses social media to engage directly with the youth, educating the public and inspiring social activism to foster active citizenship. Itumeleng also co-founded I Care SA and holds the position of head of policy analysis. He is responsible for writing recommendations for the parliamentary committee to ensure policies reflect the needs of citizens, particularly those from marginalised communities. As a member of the Wikipedia Chapter of South Africa, he focuses on expanding its reach to township schools to promote educational equity and enhance social justice.


University of Cape Town


I founded Break It Down, a social media platform dedicated to simplifying complex political, economic, and social issues, making them accessible and understandable for a broad audience. This platform serves as a tool for social activism, leveraging social media to engage directly with the youth. With millions of views and significant engagement, some videos have reached over 10 million views across various social media platforms. The primary aim of Break It Down is to educate the public and inspire social activism, with the goal of fostering active citizenship, particularly among the youth.

The wide and unanticipated reach of Break It Down has been a significant lesson in the power of digital media. It taught me that there is a tremendous hunger for well-researched, accessible information, and that digital platforms can be incredibly effective in fostering informed and engaged communities. The success of this project reinforced my belief in the importance of education and social awareness as tools for social change, and highlights the potential that young people have to drive positive change when they are well-informed and motivated.


There are several mentors and role models who have influenced my journey. The relationships I have developed with my teachers at Qedilizwe Secondary School, such as Mr Guma and Mr Morake, have carried over many years post high school and they have continued to play a crucial role in harnessing and sharpening my social activism. Their guidance and belief in my potential as a future leader has been instrumental in shaping my path.