“Do something today that your future self will be grateful for.”

Mnqobi Mhleli Kwaz’kwenkosi Kunene


Film & Media

Organisation / Company

Stained Glass Productions


As a young boy from the rural community of Mondlo in KwaZulu-Natal, Mnqobi Kunene, 33, dreamt of pursuing a career in sport and physical health, but after his parents’ demise, he didn’t have much guidance and support, and he decided to put his dreams on hold and study IT because it was the safer option. Mnqobi picked up his dreams again. In 2018, he and a group of friends started a fitness community called Zulutransformerz in Glenwood, Durban, where they offered free training sessions to encourage people to maintain good health practices, which he continued doing virtually during the Covid-19 pandemic. Mnqobi stretched his horizons and did modelling, television and took acting classes and is now a budding actor, who seeks to share the stories and complex experiences of South African men through his craft. He is working on productions and upcoming films. Mnqobi appeared on the cover of Men’s Health magazine twice and hopes to establish a health and fitness facility. He defines his life through two core beliefs: making people feel good about themselves and doing something today that your future self will be grateful for.


Certificate, IT Network Support Specialist, Megatraining
Certificate, Acting Course, Models International Agency


I am truly proud of my drive and impact on fitness. It has always been my anchor. In 2018, a group of friends and I started a fitness group called ‘Zulutransformerz’. We met in the heart of Glenwood in Durban to train people for free. This helped many people, including myself, achieve physical and mental fitness. In 2019, I entered the Men’s Health cover guy competition for the third time and finally made it onto the cover in December 2019. In 2020, we didn’t have large training groups due to Covid-19, but I continued doing online sessions. I was subsequently handpicked with eight other guys to be on the cover of Men’s Health magazine in July 2021. One key lesson I learned is to never give up on yourself and most importantly to do something today that you will be grateful for in the future.


I have a good friend who I look up to and who influences me to always keep my head high even when I’m feeling demotivated.