“Actions speak louder than words.”

Zola Ayabulela Mhlongo


Film & Media

Organisation / Company

Metro FM
Undefined Shapes


As a radio and TV presenter, actress and entrepreneur, 31-year-old Zola Ayabulela Mhlongo works for Metro FM and is the founder of the brand Undefined Shapes. She hosts radio shows, has acted in diverse roles in films and on television and, as an influencer, connects with a wide audience on social media, sharing personal insights, promoting brands and collaborating with companies for marketing campaigns. Zola is motivated by the desire to have a positive and meaningful effect on people’s lives. “I think we all have something important to contribute to this world and I am constantly looking to see how I can contribute, whether it is through entertaining or telling stories as an actress,” she says. She would like to inspire the youth to achieve their dreams. “By actively participating in social and political movements, young people can advocate for policy changes, social justice and improved governance,” she says. Zola also sees the youth using technology to develop new platforms, apps and tech solutions that address issues such as healthcare, education and sustainability and driving economic growth. Her advice to her younger self would be that “self-doubt is your biggest enemy, so be confident”.


Bachelor of Arts in Media and Drama, University of Cape Town


I’m really proud of becoming the Voice of God at one of the country’s biggest music awards, the Metro FM Music Awards. I’ve learnt that you need to be prepared to step into your blessings. Always push yourself to do and be better. As long as you are ready to catch your blessings, you’ll find yourself being blessed with opportunities you weren’t even expecting.


Yes, I do have mentors who have really played a huge role in keeping me focused on my dreams and given me advice and direction when I am lost. I have also grown in my spirituality because of my mentor who has emphasised the importance of prayer and God’s presence in my life.