Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts. — Winston Churchill
This quote inspires me because it emphasises the importance of perseverance and resilience in the face of challenges. It reminds me that setbacks are a natural part of any journey, but what truly matters is the determination to keep moving forward despite obstacles.

Thapelo Semenya


Health & Wellness

Organisation / Company

Parliamentarians for Diabetes Global Network


As digital lead for the Parliamentarians for Diabetes Global Network, Thapelo Semenya, 24, manages the charity’s online presence, driving engagement and awareness through digital campaigns. She creates and curates content for social media, the website and email newsletters and analyses digital metrics to refine its outreach. She works to empower young people affected by diabetes. This includes organising digital campaigns that highlight their experiences, promoting youth-led initiatives and fostering connections between young advocates and policymakers.

A significant challenge she has faced is the lack of awareness of diabetes in her community. To address this, she used her personal story and experiences with the condition to connect with others. By using social media and collaborating with healthcare professionals and influencers, she was able to set up a supportive community, increase awareness and empower people to take control of their diabetes management.

What motivates Thapelo to excel is the desire to improve the lives of people with diabetes. “My own journey with diabetes has shown me the importance of support, awareness and advanced technology in managing the condition.”


BCom Law, Stadio University


As a diabetes ambassador for Dexcom, and the face of Dexcom in South Africa, one of my most rewarding achievements has been leading the “Switch to Dexcom” campaign. This initiative aimed to raise awareness about the benefits of switching to Dexcom’s continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology, particularly highlighting its impact on improving diabetes management and quality of life.

Being the face of this campaign involved sharing my personal journey with diabetes and how Dexcom CGM transformed my daily management. I created a series of videos, social media posts and blog entries detailing my experiences and the advantages of using Dexcom’s technology. The campaign reached hundreds of thousands of people, significantly increasing product adoption and engagement across South Africa.

Through this project, I learned the incredible influence of personal advocacy. Sharing my story made the benefits of CGM technology tangible and relatable, encouraging others to consider the switch. I also gained valuable experience in digital marketing, understanding the importance of tailoring messages to different platforms to maximise reach and impact.

Additionally, this campaign reinforced the power of authenticity in building trust and connection with the audience. By being open about my own diabetes journey, I was able to foster a supportive community and inspire others to take control of their diabetes management with confidence. The “Switch to Dexcom” campaign not only boosted awareness but also empowered many in the diabetes community to embrace advanced technology for better health outcomes.


Dr Huri has been a pivotal mentor and role model in my journey. Their expertise, guidance, and unwavering support have been instrumental in shaping my approach to diabetes advocacy and management. Dr Huri’s dedication to patient care and their deep understanding of the challenges faced by individuals with diabetes inspired me to pursue advocacy and make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Their mentorship has instilled in me a sense of compassion, resilience and commitment to improving diabetes care and support systems. Through Dr Huri’s mentorship, I have gained valuable insights, skills and confidence to navigate challenges and strive for excellence in my endeavours. Their mentorship continues to inspire and guide me as I work to empower and advocate for individuals living with diabetes.