“He who has a why to live for, can bear almost any how.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

Vukosi Mashele


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I Matter Consulting by Vukosi Mashele


Vukosi Mashele has an ambitious plan: to become Africa’s number one mental health practitioner. He’s a life coach and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner, leading I Matter Consulting, but he’s also expanding his brand as a coach in Eswatini and Ghana and provides “psycho-education” on Munghana Lonene FM in South Africa and EBIS 2 FM in Eswatini. As an NLP practitioner, Vukosi, 30, guides his clients to understand conscious and unconscious behaviours that are not useful and find ways to overcome them. Because he is not a qualified psychologist, he has encountered doubt from potential clients, but he says that once they have experienced his services, they soon change their minds. He say all practitioners, from psychologists to counsellors and psychiatrists, can work together and benefit from creating a referral system for each others’ specialised services. He sees a future where life coaching and NLP practices are recognised by regulatory councils and medical aid schemes, and are offered as courses by universities. But research needs to be done to make techniques used in NLP and life coaching more culturally relevant for African people.


BSc in Mathematical Science (Physics and Statistics)
Certificates in Life Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Digital Marketing, and Acting for Theatre and TV.
Postgraduate certificate in education, specialising in physical science and natural science.


Since I began coaching, my goal has been to become a renowned top coach in Africa, with a presence in various African countries and eventually globally. To achieve this, I devised a strategy that focused on forming strategic partnerships. Through hard work and strategic alliances, I’ve expanded my personal brand as a coach to two African countries: Swaziland and Ghana.

In January 2023, I collaborated with a Swaziland-based business mentor to create a personal development series that garnered significant attention, leading to extensive media coverage in newspapers, blogs and on radio. This exposure resulted in a radio interview on EBIS 2 FM, the only English-medium radio station in Swaziland, and eventually led to me joining the breakfast show as a resident contributor on life issues.

In June 2023, I was nominated for an award at the Africa Consulting and Coaching Awards in Ghana, in the category of coaching-anchored organisation, which gained me significant media coverage in the country. These achievements have taught me valuable lessons in self-belief, the importance of strategic partnerships, and the significance of excellence in one’s craft. Excellence knows no continental boundary.


I find inspiration in various people, each contributing a chapter to the story of my life. As an NLP practitioner, I often model aspects of these inspiring figures. My late father, Edward Mashele, inspired me to be a beacon of hope in reconciliation, especially for individuals and families in distress, and he also nurtured an entrepreneurial spirit in me. My late mother, Florence Mashele, taught me to love unconditionally, to be brave, and to stand my ground: qualities I find essential in my industry. Oprah inspires me to use my voice in service to humanity, while Tony Robbins motivates me to break self-imposed barriers and become the best version of myself, helping others heal along the way. My siblings, Jamela and Billy, inspire me to rise above any circumstances. PJ Nel from Höerskool Overkruin influenced my leadership style, leading with a combination of heart, intelligence, compassion, and a deep reverence for God.