“Imfundo umshado ongena divorce. (Education is marriage without divorce.)”

Siphesihle Delani Hlophe


Health & Wellness

Organisation / Company

Durban University of Technology


Siphesihle Delani Hlophe, 32, is a nurse educator and PhD candidate at the Durban University of Technology. The job involves developing programmes in the nursing services department and implementing orientation, in-service and continuing education programmes. Among his duties are quality assurance in clinical facilitator sessions; conducting educational and training programmes; planning and evaluating new programmes; maintaining instructional materials and coordinating student placement. Siphesihle, who has had several articles published, is concerned about the lack of training on handling gender-based violence (GBV) for nurses and in the healthcare system generally. He says undergraduate qualifications do not adequately prepare students to recognise and respond to GBV and play a constructive role in the clinical field of addressing violence. He is in the process of developing guidelines for the inclusion of comprehensive GBV-management modules in nursing undergraduate curricula. They will include education on collecting and documenting forensic evidence that can be used for trial purposes, teaching survivors of GBV on how to report it to the police and helping them navigate the criminal justice system.


Bachelor of Technology in Nursing Science, Durban University of Technology
Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing Education, Stellenbosch University
Postgraduate Diploma in Health and Service Management, Stellenbosch University
Master of Nursing, Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Doctor of Nursing, Durban University of Technology
Postgraduate Diploma in HIV/AIDS Management


I have articles published in accredited journals both in South Africa and Internationally:
1. Self-management guidelines for youth who have lost a family provider through HIV/Aids, Health SA Gesondheid, 28 August 2023.
2. Support measures for the next of kin who has experienced the unexpected loss of a family member to HIV/Aids, PLOS ONE, 11 April 2023.
3. Time-Related Circumstances Defining Youths Self-Management: Following the Unexpected Loss of a Family Member to HIV/Aids, Clinical Schizophrenia & Related Psychoses, 30 January 2023.
4. Self-management experiences of youth following the unexpected loss of a family member to HIV, Health SA Gesondheid, 28 April 2022.


Dr Respect Mondli Miya. He played a huge role in guiding me on how to achieve my dream of working in nursing education.