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Mozambique: Collapse of cotton may unravel fragile social fabric of Cabo Delgado

First came the insurgency. Then the humanitarian crisis. Now the remaining residents of Cabo Delgado are facing economic ruin

Rwanda refugees fear extradition from Mozambique

Mozambique and Rwanda’s new deal comes after 19 people ‘agreed’ to return home

Faltering insurgency in Mozambique still threatens lives – and gas projects

Instability around crucial projects leaves them stalled, while Frelimo’s inability to accept its leadership failures is preventing long-term solutions to the conflict

What does SADC’s new military approach in Mozambique mean?

What seems to have informed South African Development Community’s new approach is the need to enhance the gains made in controlling the insurgency

Rhinos to return to Mozambique’s ‘silent park’

More than 40 critically endangered black rhino and near-threatened white rhino will be reintroduced to the Zinave National Park

Rwanda eyes the spoils of war in Mozambique

When Rwanda sent its army to help Mozambique fight the insurgency in the north, many wondered what it might be getting in return for its largesse

Bonomado Machude Omar, Mozambique’s most wanted man

The leader of the insurgency in the country’s northern Cabo Delgado province is described as ‘sinister and brutal’ but ‘with a sense of justice’

Mozambique’s jet-setting president locks down support for countering the insurgency

President Filipe Nyusi has flown to Addis Ababa for a meeting with the African Union and to Brussels for a meeting with the European Union

War in Mozambique follows those who fled from the coast

With regional forces retaking Cabo Delgado, insurgents turn their attention inland

Youth key to halting insurgency in Mozambique

Young Mozambicans in the country’s north, who are driven to join Islamic insurgents by poverty, must be included in peace and security efforts

Soldiers plead for more air support in Mozambique’s battle against insurgents

Budget deficits limit the South African National Defence Force’s ability to supply more aircraft for logistical support, attacks and evacuation

Mozambique’s Rapale camp: A transit to nowhere

The strife in Cabo Delgado has displaced more than 800 000 people. Some have found their way to the Rapale transit centre, where they are struggling to survive as foreign and local forces fight over their homelands.

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