/ 23 October 1997

PAC’s De Lille names ‘spies’


PAN Africanist Congress MP Patricia De Lille made an astonishing intervention in a debate on ‘spies’ by naming seven leading ANC figures as “spies”. She claimed that they were on a list of 12 alleged apartheid-era spies, which had been handed to President Nelson Mandela and Deputy President Thabo Mbeki.

De Lille’s intervention came in a debate over the treatment of a fellow PAC MP who had been interrogated for more than six hours by National Intelligence while being vetted for the parliamentary intelligence commitee.

De Lille said she could name seven of the 12 names on the alleged list: cabinet ministers Joe Modise, Stella Sigcau and Pennuell Maduna; deputy ministers Joe Nhlanhla and Peter Mokaba; premiers Mathews Phosa and Makhenkesi Stofile; and offical Ricky Nkondo.

The ANC has denied the existence of any such list, and challenged De Lille to make the same allegations outside parliament. De Lille’s allegations follow the resurrection of a thirty-year-old Robben Island feud, in which PAC leader Stanley Mogoba, jailed on the island in the sixties, is accused of having given evidence as a state witness at the trial of PAC guerrilla Enoch Zulu. Last night Zulu followed up the De Lille claims, by repeating his allegations against Mogoba on SABC television.