Manuel revises levy on plastic bags

South Africa’s Minister of Finance, Trevor Manuel, approved a revised levy on plastic bags this week, the ministry said in a statement on Thursday.

A levy of 3c per bag, applicable to all sizes of plastic shopping bags, will be implemented from June 1.

“This differs from the old levy in that a flat rate of R10 per kilogram was charged instead of the 3c a bag that is now being charged,” said spokesperson Thoraya Pandy.

The revised levy was finalised with due consideration to the objectives of the levy and concerns raised by all the relevant stakeholders, the ministry said. 

The 3c per bag levy will, in the current circumstances, be appropriate to address environmental objectives and accommodate concerns related to employment and competitiveness of the affected industries.

A portion of the revenues raised will be used to promote the recycling of plastic waste and general environmental awareness among all sectors of society, the statement said.—I-Net Bridge, Sapa


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