I shop, therefore I am

Just days after announcing the end of their 10- year-marriage in June, bad-boy cricketer Shane Warne and wife Simone were snapped on a Spanish holiday buying up a storm in local boutiques.

According to Stella Minahan, a researcher at Melbourne’s Deakin University, her fellow Australians were engaged in classic “retail therapy” to help them forget their cares and woes.

Minahan, co-author with Melbourne University’s Michael Beverland of upcoming book Why Women Shop, has identified five types of shopper ranging from the retail therapist, who really enjoys shopping, to the purchase-averse “Ms Grab and Go”.

Next up in the enthusiasm stakes from the reluctant shopper is the “Hunter”—a woman who gets a thrill from big discounts and doesn’t mind the time and effort required to snare them.

Then there are those who hunt in packs: what Minahan calls the “Girls’ Day Out Shopper”.

These women turn shopping into a pleasurable all-day activity interspersed with meals and coffee breaks.

The last category is the “Lone Browser”—the woman who sees shopping as quality time away from home that is best enjoyed at a leisurely place and definitely on her own. - Sapa-DPA


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