/ 20 October 2006

Fiction is stranger than truth

Clever and coiffured Capetonians dames Lilli Slaptsilli and Keiron Legacy’s new show, Reality Mince, is as tight as pantyhose and as well-oiled as a saucy stripper. It’s drag with a hefty dose of humour and creativity that neatly makes mincemeat of reality. True-life television shows are perfect targets for offbeat commentary, and Slaptsilli and Legacy have outdone themselves.

Throughout the show punters are treated to absolutely hilarious mock video clips from reality programmes. Ever wondered how a drag queen in heels would cope on Survivor‘s beach? What would be a drag queen’s greatest challenge on Fear Factor (or Queer Factor, in this case)? See all this, as well as highly entertaining introduction clips from an online dating service — these are not ideal candidates for a blind date.This crafty journey through the world of TV and technology stands well beside the more traditional drag elements — thankfully, not traditional in the I Am What I Am vein. The music ranges from sexy, smoky cabaret numbers by Eartha Kitt and upbeat R&B by Destiny’s Child to a raunchy rip-off of Britney Spears (“Oh booby booby …”) and a wonderfully bizarre folk-gospel number, with matching costumes and picture-perfect make-up going from supremely stylish to appropriately silly (though never as over-the-top as Joburg’s own Tuckshop Girls). Watch out for a slick appearance at the end by Slaptsilli, dressed in a white bikini and an unbelievably sexy coat, set to a sci-fi-sounding, electronic voiceover.

And, of course, no drag show is complete without the bitchy quips – and the ladies are indeed tramps. No one is safe from their no-stones-unturned, adults-only repartee, be it audience members or Big Brother housemates.Reality Mince proves again that Legacy and Slaptsilli are two of this country’s most professional entertainers. It’s two hours of welcome escape from reality.

Reality Mince runs at The Showcase in Johannesburg until April 26.

See www.theshowcase.co.za