/ 29 May 2007

Police amazed by live cheetah in car boot

Three people were arrested near Kuruman when police found a female cheetah in the boot of their car, the Volksblad reported on Tuesday.

Police operating a roadblock targeting copper thieves made the discovery at 11pm on Sunday when they stopped a Toyota Cressida with a Botswana registration.

An unnamed investigating officer told the newspaper they opened the boot to find a moving bag inside.

”When we opened the bag, we were absolutely amazed to find an adult cheetah female,” he said.

Although in good condition, the animal was said to be a bit wild and a local veterinarian had to be called in to help remove it from the car.

The three men were thought to have picked up the cheetah along the road.

Kimberley police spokesperson Captain Cherelle Ehlers said the three will appear in the Kuruman Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday on charges relating to the illegal possession of an endangered species.

The cheetah was destined for a private game farm 140km from Kuruman. — Sapa