Dutch Reformed Church firm on rejection of gay marriage

While the Dutch Reformed Church (NGK) had decided on a more accommodating approach to gay membership at its national synod meeting in Gauteng this week, it also firmly rejected gay marriage and sex.

The synod was clear in its stance that marriage could only be between a man and a woman, newly elected moderator Professor Piet Strauss said on Friday.

The “traditional” form of marriage and sexual relations between a married couple could never be replaced. Therefore no other form of marriage could be recognised.

By the same token, any form of pre-marital sex, whether in a heterosexual or gay relationship, remained taboo.

Strauss emphasised the NGK opposed any form of promiscuity.

However, it was important to note the synod had not “decided everything about everything”, and some decisions had been left to individual church congregations to decide.

Individual church congregations should make their own decisions on how to handle gay membership and gay relationships, he said.

For example, although the synod had decided people in gay relationships could not be appointed ministers of the church, individual churches could decide to appoint them in other positions, such as elders and deacons, he said.

Most other mainstream churches, including the Catholics, Anglicans, Presbyterians and Baptists, have also elected not to condone gay marriages.—Sapa


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