/ 26 September 2007

Morocco claims world’s oldest man (123)

Moroccan Sidi Kaddour Maksouri (123) is the world’s oldest living man, the newspaper al-Ahdate al-Maghribia reported on Wednesday, challenging the Guinness World Records book’s presentation of 112-year-old Japanese Tomoji Tanabe as the world’s oldest male.

Maksouri, who lives in el-Jadida, 200km south of Rabat, still works as a guide for hunters using hawks and participates in traditional horse races.

He lives on bread, olive oil, honey, dates, fruit and vegetables, according to the daily. He has only visited a doctor once, 32 years ago.

Married three times, Maksouri has a 45-year-old adopted son.

The world’s oldest woman is an American, Edna Parker, who is 114. — Sapa-dpa