/ 12 October 2011

ET killed over farmworkers’ unpaid wages, says witness

Et Killed Over Farmworkers' Unpaid Wages

A fifth witness has testified that former AWB leader Eugene Terre’Blanche’s alleged killers — farmworker Chris Mahlangu and a minor — confessed to the crime.

“Chris Mahlangu explained to me that they had a fight with their employer, fighting for two months’ wages and that they were not paid,” police officer Sergeant Jack Ramonyane told the High Court sitting in Ventersdorp on Wednesday.

“I then asked him how serious was his employer injured [sic]… .Chris Mahlangu responded by saying ‘We killed him’.”

Ramonyane said he felt scared at that point.

“He [Mahlangu] did not look like someone who did such a thing because he was free, calm and not scared.”

The two told him they had had enough.

Ramonyane said Mahlangu told him he had Terre’Blanche’s cellphone and intended selling it to recoup his outstanding wages.

Ramonyane was patrolling the area on April 3 last year, when he came across the pair near the local railway line.

Four other witnesses had already testified that Mahlangu and the teenager confessed to the crime.

Both have pleaded not guilty to charges of murder, housebreaking and attempted robbery with aggravating circumstances.

Mahlangu claimed he acted in self defence, while the minor denied involvement in the murder.

Ramonyane’s testimony continues. — Sapa