The Methodology

Recognising excellence in employee conditions for over 25 years

The Top Employer Institute globally certify employers that show excellence in the conditions that they create for their people. Optimal employee conditions ensure that people develop themselves personally and professionally. This in turn enables companies to grow and to Develop. Always.

Methodological Approach

The Top Employers certification is only awarded to organisations that achieve the highest standards of excellence in employee conditions. The first step in the certification process is a company’s participation in the HR Best Practices Survey: a comprehensive analysis of the Human Resources environment. This research critically assesses HR management and employee conditions within the organisation. Following validation and an external audit, performance scores are rated against an international standard. Only employers that achieve the required level will qualify for certification. That means that the certified Top Employers can proudly call themselves one of the world’s leading employers and reap the associated employer brand reinforcement.

Entry Criteria

To participate, a company must have:

  • a minimum of 250 national employees
  • or, a minimum of 2 500 employees worldwide
  • The HR Best Practices Survey

    The Top Employers Certification is based on in-depth research into an organisation’s employee conditions, on nine different topics covering 100 questions with 600 HR Best Practices. Only the organisations that achieve the required minimum score of 60% in the survey are officially Certified as Top Employers.

    The nine HR Best Practice Topics:

    1.Talent Strategy

    2.Workforce Planning


    4.Learning & Development

    5.Performance Management

    6.Leadership Development

    7.Career & Succession Management

    8.Compensation & Benefits


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