/ 3 September 2018

Unembargoed: August 31 to September 6

All the articles in this week's M&G are free to read.
All the articles in this week's M&G are free to read.

EFF spurns DA, woos ANC

The ruling party and Economic Freedom Fighters may cosy up after metro battles leave the Democratic Alliance bloodied

Coalition crash leaves DA cornered

The party has a lot to do after the spectacular failure of its much-vaunted strategy to govern

Bloody sand marks student’s death

A protest over alleged rigged SRC elections at TUT ended tragically

Minister intervenes in community schemes shambles

Human Settlements Minister Nomaindia Mfeketo has ordered the appointment of an independent investigator to look into the affairs of the beleaguered Community Schemes Ombudsman Services (CSOS

Van Rooyen lost no time in the treasury

In just one day, a Cabinet document was leaked. The question is, what other damage was done?

Trouble spills over at PetroSA

Two executives resign from the oil entity amid grumbles the chair is pursuing his own agenda

Flushing money down the loo

It’s no secret that South Africa’s water sector faces big problems. Old infrastructure is falling apart.

Slice of life: My father’s death had a purpose

Life had to start for Refilwe Leso in the throes of tragedy

Laziness: Lifeline or death knell?

Sluggish snails prevailed, but Homo erectus may have died out because, honestly, why bother?

Reason lights up new energy plan

It’s been a long time coming but, finally, the new blueprint switches off nuclear in favour of a mixed power grid

Residents finally kill off abattoir

A plan to build an abattoir on land that has “irreplaceable” biodiversity has been stopped in its tracks after an almost three-year battle.

Mentor trips up under the spotlight

The state capture witness admits to mixing up names and fails to remember key dates

Land restitution is an urban issue

It has been largely successful but limited by family fights and an urban land shortage

SACP makes a bid to refocus on its roots

Themba Mthembu and the rest of the SACP’s PEC were elected unopposed after a culled list of candidates had been presented to congress

Moses Mabhida misses deadline

Two ANC regions had until August to elect new leadership but only Harry Gwala region did so, amid threats of court action

Cutting out meat and dairy and slashes your carbon footprint

New research from the University of Oxford says there’s little point in doing all the good things if you continue to consume dairy and meat products

Initiation Bill trips over Contralesa

Amakhosi say they have not been consulted and have been insulted because women are involved

Has BEE been a dismal failure?

Black economic empowerment law cannot be removed until there are real changes in equality, says the commission


What if we thought of violence as an infectious disease?

In many ways, violence is like cholera, passing from person to person — infecting communities. Now, treating violence like an illness may be paying off and saving lives


The bridge that binds Lagos together

The Third Mainland Bridge has become part of the fabric of Africa’s most populous city. Closing it, even temporarily, wreaks havoc for residents

Is Swaziland’s name change legal?

King Mswati will be challenged in court for breaching the Constitution

Rigged votes aren’t just an African thing

The average quality of elections around the world is much lower than most people realise


Nugent’s adviser links to Sars case

Michael Katz is chair of a law firm the revenue service claims was involved in an alleged tax scam

Fuel, utilities gobble up spare cash

Cheaper food has helped to ease the pain but an ever weakening rand means the prognosis is poor

State non-payment implodes building company

South Point is 40% owned by the Unemployment Insurance Fund through the Public Investment Corporation

‘Explosion’ in black readership

Content that appeals to a market hungry for shared experiences drives a new growth in sale

Low mobile data prices forecast

A new company has launched a service that seriously challenges those of the major mobile operators

Rid South Africa’s electricity plan of coal-fired power

The inclusion of new coal in the updated draft Integrated Resource Plan for electricity (IRP) will cost South Africa close to R20-billion more than we need to spend, and will make electricity more expensive.


Schools must take the long walk of reform

Many private and former Model C schools may look good, but they are rotten to the core

Editorial: It’s inequality that breeds violence

‘’The persecution of the weak and the vulnerable finds new iterations all the time’

Editorial: Beware of UK’s promises

‘In its hour of need, Britain is now turning to its former colonies for help’

Letters to the editor: August 31 to September 6

Our readers write in about amnesty for students, deadbeat dads and Coca-Cola

uBaba helps Buthelezi edit history

As witnesses struggle through the Zondo commission, Zuma parties on with old foes

Watch where you put your hands, oaf !

Men need to overhaul learnt views of their power over and rights to women

Dot by dot, state capture emerges

A group of academics have assiduously assembled the evidence to lay bare the workings of a parallel state, writes Shaun de Waal

The world gets better every day

That’s good news, but read on — and don’t be tempted to race on to the next bad news story

Botswana hangs on to the death penalty

To this day, history is often invoked to defend the status quo on capital punishment

Two ways to cut child deaths

All it will take is a bit of information, breast milk and maternal vaccinations

FIFTH COLUMN: Flummoxed by all the fakery

‘I don’t know about fake news, but certainly The South African contains fake links.’

Un-schooling is better for children

Education in South Africa is a mess but alternative education is, well, an alternative

The future is with us. Rethink it

Industry 4.0 affects the humanities and they need to seize on the opportunities to mitigate problems


Jobs should never trump human dignity

‘While I am sad that decreased business may result in job losses at St George’s Fine Foods, I find it problematic that we should put up with any business that treats anyone without dignity for the sake of jobs,’ writes Zukiswa Wanner

On our Lists this week

Joe Carter, Women in Southern Africa, and BlacKkKlansman

This Weekend

Street Food Festival ZA, Jazz in the Cradle, Shonibare conversations and exhibition

Madiba becomes one with the elements

In Mandela’s Roots Bonile Bam allows the viewer to fill in where the open-ended images take them

Searching for Zimbabwe’s scattered (hi)stories

Brooklyn is not an obvious inspiration for an archival project about Zimbabwe.

Discovering the world of Can Themba

Siphiwo Mahala talks about his fascination with the 1950s writer and journalist

Silences speak of bitter times

Makumbi is the author of Kintu, a novel that, in the four years since its release, has become a pillar in Ugandan literature.

Proudly fatty boom boom

On some days, they’re called fat. On others they are referred to as curvy, stout, thick, biggish, chubby, sdudla, plump, chunky or heavy. At primary school, children considered fat were called fatty boom boom, the name most insulting to fat positivity activist Whitney Greyton

Walking among unicorns

Facts about San Francisco are hidden; they are gleaned from trying to make sense of being there

Catch the overnight sleeper from Jozi to Durban

The Shosholoza Meyl leaves Park Station just after sunset, heading east. From the window of the tourist-class cabin, Johannesburg looks subtly different


Luke Fleurs, destined for Bafana?

The youngster from the Cape has made a stellar move to United, which promises to be the start of something big

Pitso’s gamble fails to pay off

Mosimane has failed to engineer a win this week with his squad rotation

Don’t press panic button, says Solinas

Chiefs’ fans are desperate for a win and the new coach is unlikely to be cut any slack

In defence of an attacking plan

Kaizer Chiefs haven’t had any issues scoring beautiful goals this past week.


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