Adrian Ephraim

Screw the index, we’re happy and we know it

Nothing annoys South Africans more than someone saying we're worse off than Zimbabwe. But at least we're not Botswana.

The Zuma birthday cards you may have missed

As SA wishes Jacob Zuma a happy 70th birthday, the <em>Mail & Guardian</em> has imagined more appropriate birthday wishes from our public figures.

The Constitution and all things Poogled

They speak with forked tongues and attack the Constitution in their sleep. Politicians -- we can't expel them ourselves, but we can Poogle them.

When in doubt, Poogle it

Due to popular demand Poogle Translate is back and more insightful than ever.

Settlement sets hopeful precedent for apartheid victims

Victims of apartheid will receive R10 000 as a result of a settlement between General Motors in the United States

US General Motors settles apartheid reparations claim

A US court has ratified a settlement between 25 South Africans who suffered at the hands of the apartheid security police.

Ten Yebo-Yes gym exercises to beat racism

The <i>M&G</i> -- in light of outrageous racist incidents in Jo'burg gyms -- is sharing a few tips to defeat racism and abolish muffin tops forever.

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