Alec Luhn

Ramadan in St Petersburg – the city where the sun doesn’t set

As Ramadan starts on Thursday, Muslims in St Petersburg and elsewhere in northern Russia face an obstacle that the prophet surely didn’t envision.

Russia curtails civil liberty

Under a new law, international organisations deemed to be unfriendly can be banned and Russians linked to them can be fined and jailed.

Ukraine on back foot as key city falls

Ignoring a ceasefire, pro-Russian rebels have forced Kiev's soldiers to flee the strategic Debaltseve rail hub in eastern Ukraine.

Russians go shopping in the race against rouble’s fall

Russians are frustrated with the continued fall of their currency. For some, investing in valuables is the solution.

Russian space gecko experiment back on track

Sex experiments involving lizards are continuing as planned after communications with Russia's Photon-M satellite were re-established.

Satellite states toe Russian line

The occupation of Crimea has left most of the former Soviet republics in Cold War mode.

Putin’s latest macho-man photoshoot smells distinctly fishy

It is not the first time Russian President Vladimir Putin has used pictures of himself engaged in manly pursuits to burnish his public image.

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