Alexandria Sage

Argentinian revenge fantasy a hit at Cannes film festival

Director Damian Szifron's film "Relatos Salvajes" drew hoots and applause from critics in contrast to the tepid reaction to the Saint Laurent biopic.

Fans honour Schumacher on 45th birthday

Fans of F1 legend Michael Schumacher have gathered outside a hospital where he is being treated for a head injury to honour him as he turns 45.

Love or loathe criticism marks Cannes’s top prize entries

Typically for Cannes, where critical passions run high, both cheers and boos rang out as entries vying for the Palme d'Or prize award were shown.

Carlos the Jackal receives another life prison term

A French court has sentenced Carlos the Jackal to another life prison term for bomb attacks that killed 11 people nearly three decades ago.

Paris sewers to heat schools, president’s palace

The Paris sewers -- whose murky labyrinths have been reviled and romanticised through history -- are at the centre of a renewable energy experiment.

Amazon margins squeezed by costs, shares plunge investors got a wake-up call on Thursday when the world's biggest online retailer said its profit margins were sliding.

BP puts cap in place as US issues new drilling ban

BP said on Monday it had installed and was ready to test a cap that, if successful, would for the first time stop the oil spewing from its well.

BP starts work to install new cap on gushing well

BP removed a containment cap from its stricken Gulf of Mexico oil well on Saturday in the first step toward installing a bigger cap.

Galleon insider trading web extends back to 1990s

An informant in the Galleon Group insider trading scandal had a history of sending tips to the firm, according to a court document.

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