Belinda Beresford

Covid-19 crash course: Everything you need to know about viruses, variants and vaccines

Covid-19 variants are new versions of the virus that are smarter at surviving. But before we can understand what these changed forms mean for vaccines, we first need to go back to the basics. We take you through the evolution of the virus and what this means for your body’s defences.

The cost of doing nothing

'The global trend towards private vehicles ... is a recipe for transport congestion that will bring cities to a standstill'

June 16: There’s no such thing as a lost generation, it’s time to invest in our youth now

Vital that the government and private sector create jobs and invest in youth as their numbers rise.

Riddles of race

Being the white mother of a black child has been a salutary lesson in race awareness for Belinda Beresford.

‘He owns me — he paid for me’

Lebo Ramafoko of Soul City has been enduring years of abuse from an ex-partner. She has decided to 'walk the talk' and be open about her experiences.

A lethal cocktail

Asymptomatic patients and poor sanitary conditions increase the risk of cholera spreading beyond Zimbabwe, writes Belinda Beresford

A steady erosion

HIV is thought to have a kill rate of close to 100%, higher than even the notorious haemorrhagic diseases such as Ebola.

A healthier future

Rarely in South Africa can a minister have come to power carrying such a weight of expectation as Barbara Hogan.

On the way down

The tie between health and wealth has held true for most of the world, and for as long as there appear to have been economists to notice it.

A virus by any other name is still a virus

One of the most lethal viruses known to science has made its appearance in Africa, but naming it has been held up by political sensitivities.

Safe babies, threatened mothers?

The most basic way of preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV appears to cause resistance to one of the key anti-HIV drugs in women.

SA pioneers HIV+ transplant

New procedure throws lifeline to HIV-positive renal patients.

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