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Benjamin Fogel

South Africa’s not that different from Brazil

South Africans could embrace an authoritarian state if the government fails to address current social and economic issues

What Bolsonaro’s election victory means

Jair Bolsonaro is the embodiment of the most hardline faction military dictatorship that ruled Brazil for twenty-one years

Brazil flirts with a neo-fascist

The bitter reality is that there is a real chance of the country returning to a dictatorship and its darkest days

The man who could save Brazil is in jail

Despite a plea from the UN, the country’s court ruled that Lula da Silva can’t run in the presidential elections

Brazil, weary of corruption, faces bleak poll

Blighted by a series of political scandals, the country’s hard-won democracy is on the skids

Yom Kippur: Why we, as Jews, are fasting for Gaza

A group of mostly SA Jews are dedicating their Yom Kippur fast to reflect on being Jewish in the context of Israel's occupation of Palestine.

‘Blacklisted’ farmworker urges politicians to listen

Despite going from being a scab to striking worker and being recently unemployed, Jaurie Scheepers remains hopeful. "My God will make a plan for me".

De Doorns: Police action breeds hostility

De Doorns residents have claimed they had nothing to do with the strike but have been brutalised, writes Benjamin Fogel.

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