Bongani Kona

Imraan Coovadia on ‘The Poisoners’ and keeping science honest

Imraan Coovadia’s new book examines how poison has shaped political affairs in Southern Africa

What lengths would you go to to pay off your debt?

In this extract, from the anthology Upshot curated by Lauren Beukes, the author imagines rich people and voters at home deciding on his character’s fate

Valeria Luiselli tells stories to shame us

Over and over again she writes about the lost children picked up on the United States border

Deep down in my dark heart, I still seek purity

I am at peace with the knowledge that religions might not be able to provide the answer to what or who God is but I am happy just to keep searching

The Brother moves in on black tax

Forever dealing with changes, The Brother Moves On regroups to stick it to the man.

Silence talks with a powerful voice

There are many ways then of reading silence and the Goodman Gallery Cape Town’s latest group exhibition attests to this.

Changing focus: The art and activism of Omar Badsha

Omar Badsha's ­photographs, on show at a retrospective exhibition in Cape Town, reveal an artist ­determined to show the humanity of his subjects.

Blk Brothers get it together

For their next project, the Blk Jks have teamed up with performance art collective, the Brother Moves On, to present "Blk Brother".

Embrace the things we share in this scary, polarised world

The Oslo World Music Festival paid tribute to the role of music in addressing historical and contemporary struggles for freedom.

Impressive feat of imagination

The highs, the lows, the in-betweens: they are all there in Imraan Coovadia's astonishing novel.

Music, but not for the masses

New initiative Littlegig is well-intentioned and puts on a good show, but remains a commodity that functions only to confirm middle-class privilege.

Live from the underground: Pharoahe Monch in Cape Town

New York-based MC Pharoahe Monch performed a single underground set in Cape Town, showing off the lyrical dexterity that has won him cult status.

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