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Lungu holds slight lead as vote counting continues in Zambia

Zambia's ruling party candidate Edgar Lungu holds a small lead with most of the votes from this week's presidential polls counted.

Ruling party takes slim lead at Zambia polls

The Patriotic Front has taken a small lead over the opposition United Party for National Development, with 80 of the 150 constituencies counted.

Zambia: Scott suspended as head of party over ‘unconstitutional conduct’

Zambia's acting president and acting head of the ruling party Guy Scott has been deemed ineligible to stand in the next presidential elections.

Zambia bans hunting of endangered wildcats

Zambia has banned the hunting wild cats because it sees more value in game viewing tourism than blood sport, said the country's tourism minister.

Benchmarked interest rate planned for Zambia

Zambia's central bank has decided to introduce a benchmark interest rate from the beginning of April to replace its money-supply targeting.

Zambia’s ‘King Cobra’ Sata sworn in as president

Opposition leader Michael Sata has been sworn in as Zambia's president after an upset poll victory that ushered in a smooth handover of power.

‘King Cobra’ Sata wins Zambia presidential race

Zambian opposition leader Michael Sata was declared the winner of Zambia's presidential election early on Friday.

Zambia’s youth back ‘King Cobra’ for president

Zambians voted on Tuesday in a closely contested election between incumbent Rupiah Banda and opposition leader Michael Sata.

FirstRand to run Zambia’s Finance Bank

Zambia's central bank has appointed South Africa's FirstRand to run a key commercial bank facing collapse due to poor management.

Mining boom likely to spur Zambia’s growth

Zambia is likely to register economic growth exceeding 7% in 2010, spurred by a resurgence in mining and a boom in construction and agriculture.

Zambia faces electricity rationing

Zambia faces a power shortage and electricity rationing by the end of next year, an industry official said on Monday.

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