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M&G needed now just as much as it was 30 years ago

Governments and big business might be good, or bad - they require the same amount of oversight and investigation by media and civil society.

On Freud, Twitter and cunnilingus

Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud's 'Dora' case study illuminates the tumescent myopia of Twitter's self-fellating idiots.

Dylan’s immaculate conception

Bob Dylan's collection of cover songs are all now pure Dylan, writes Chris Roper

Charlie Hebdo: God isn’t like freedom of speech

Freedom of speech, unlike unquestionable laws of religion, involves our ever-fluid interpretations.

Narcissism: When the pool stares back

Could photographs of oneself be anything but narcissistic? It may be possible. Chris Roper writes in defence of the selfie.

In conversation with Chris Chameleon

The singer's melodies continue to pioneer Afrikaans rock music but, for some, his conservative inclinations may blur their beauty, writes Chris Roper.

200 Young South Africans: A selection of propelling talent

Of the thousands of words I write a year, these are the ones that give me the most pleasure.

Broken Monsters: A concatenation of nanospaces

SA's trending author has expertly embraced new media as a medium of horror, and the characters of her female protagonists defy casual stereotyping.

An apology to our readers

Chris Roper, editor-in-chief, apologises for an offensive ad inadvertently run in the M&G newspaper.


A look at four distinctly talented artists across four genres of music.

Jackie Selebi is Jesus

The truth is that our psychotic nation needs Selebi. In the same way that Jesus had to die for the sins of Christians, says <b>Chris Roper</b>.

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