Christa Kuljian

Ma Lindi, we will gather for tea and cake

A South African hero has died. But because of Covid-19 we can’t hold a memorial for her, just yet

Scientific racism rears its head again

A recent journal article on ‘coloured’ women reflects an outmoded paradigm of race

Saying no to sexism in science

There’s nothing innate about scientific ability, but some male scientists, in South Africa and internationally, still believe women can’t cut it

Out of the heart of darkness

Palaeontology has a long history of pushing the ‘pure race’ theory but finally reached the conclusion that ‘we are all one human race’

Armenian genocide relived

Generations on, memories of the persecution and murders give the lie to political denial.

I walked the streets of Watertown, Boston when I was a child

"Have you heard about the tragic news from the Boston Marathon? It's on BBC now" read an SMS from a friend in Cape Town. Tragic news?

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