Erika Solomon

Seventeen dead as Syrians stage mass protests

Syrian security forces have killed more protesters as hundreds of thousands demonstrated against the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

Arab peace observers begin Syrian evaluation

Arab peace monitors will visit the Syrian city of Homs, which opponents of President Bashar al-Assad say has been pulverised by government troops.

Arab mission prepares to enter Syria amid violent clashes

Fierce fighting has continued in Syria shortly before officials arrive to prepare for an Arab League effort to end nine months of bloodshed.

CIA drone kills US-born al-Qaeda cleric in Yemen

Anwar al-Awlaki, a US-born cleric linked to al-Qaeda and implicated in attacks on the United States, has been killed in a CIA drone strike in Yemen.

Yemen’s Saleh calls for early elections

Yemeni President Abdullah Ali Saleh has called for early elections in his first speech since returning to Yemen.

Rockets hit Yemen protest camp ‘out of nowhere’

Rockets hit a protest camp in Yemen's capital Sana'a, killing at least two people on Tuesday, witnesses said.

Clashes escalate in Yemen after crackdown

Soldiers opposed to President Ali Abdullah Saleh exchanged heavy fire with government troops in the centre of Sanaa as 28 people were killed.

Saudis likely to be key to Yemen power transfer

A possible US shift calling for Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh to be eased out may signal that his days in office are numbered.

Bahrainis to bury dead protester amid crackdown

Hundreds of Bahrainis gathered on Friday to bury an activist killed in a crackdown on mainly Shi'ite Muslim protesters.

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