Esther Addley

Usain asylum: Scots go nuts for Bolt

At the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow it is clear how big Usain Bolt is - a megastar.

Assange to remain in Ecuadorian embassy

Julian Assange will not leave Ecuador's embassy even if Sweden drops its extradition bid over ­accusations of sexual assault

Assange’s extradition battle enters final round

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is set to face seven Supreme Court judges when he appeals his extradition to Sweden over sexual assault allegations.

Assange to reveal tax details of rich

Swiss banker gives WikiLeaks founder data about amount of potential revenue lost to offshore schemes.

Ashes to ashes, mortar to dust

The collapse of the House of Gladiators has brought home a simple truth -- what is excavated has to be protected.

Scarred town tries to forget

They still pray for Madeleine McCann in the little whitewashed church in Praia da Luz, a small but faithful clutch of 15 or so locals and ex-pats who stumble down the little cobbled hill to the church every Friday evening for a "service for missing children".

Hidden legacy of Iraq

The British Ministry of Defence is conducting a major study into brain injury in troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan amid fears that thousands of soldiers may have suffered damage after being exposed to high-velocity explosions. The United States army says as many as 20% of its soldiers and marines have suffered "mild traumatic brain injury" from blows to the head or shockwaves caused by explosions.

They finally made her go to rehab

Esther Addley asks whether Amy Winehouse's overdose will make the talented singer alter her lifestyle.

Beyond the wilderness years

Catherine Liu is 28 and a little nervous, she says, because two weeks ago she split up with her boyfriend. ''In China, it is only [okay not to be married] until 30.'' Then, a little forlornly, ''My mother is worried about me.'' Liu is a Shanghai success story -- well educated, sophisticated, with a high-profile job. A generation of young Chinese women has embraced a sexual liberalism that is alien to most of the country.

The devil’s advocate

Giovanni di Stefano is adviser to Slobodan Milosevic, friend of Saddam Hussein, admirer of Osama bin Laden, former aspirant owner of Northampton Town football club, Italian lawyer, Serbian army general and prospective British member of the European Parliament.

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