Faranaaz Veriava

It’s best to teach pupils by the book

Textbooks are essential when there's no culture of reading and teachers lack content knowledge.

Private schools do not stand apart

Make no mistake: the autonomy of such institutions does not trump the Constitution.

Public participation in education under threat

Motshekga’s reported plans to make it easier to close schools could jeopardise pupils’ rights.

Learning to live in a material world

Expecting every pupil to receive a textbook isn’t prima-donna behaviour: universal access is vital.

Every class should have a teacher

A political commitment is needed to resolve the teacher shortage in many schools.

Refugee children win right to learn

But debilitating education hurdles remain for many foreign children in legal limbo.

A textbook case for stronger action

The recent Limpopo textbook judgment could have been more helpful on the question of relief for the violation of rights.

The state must do textbooks by the book

Have lessons from the 2012 textbook crisis led to reforms that will ensure it can't recur?

Our courts are schooling the state

With prompting from civil society, judges are reminding the state of its material obligations to schools and pupils.

Schools left in an intolerable infrastructure limbo

Priority rescues must be planned for schools where pupils' safety and health are now at risk.

Pupils come before school politics

Concourt ‘regrets’ the lack of national norms that determine when 
a school is full .

Bad teachers still reach for the rod

Tougher sanctions might be needed to enforce the laws against corporal punishment, writes Faranaaz Veriava.

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