Franz Kruger

Alarm raised by ship’s cats still resonates

Journalists must be ever aware of the need for fairness and accuracy, but regulation is anathema.

Smutty take obscures the true role sex played

The way the M&G handled a review of apartheid spy Olivia Forsyth's book has triggered angry questions about patriarchal attitudes in the newsroom.

Public sentiment is a poor gauge of the need for balance

In the small space between generally accepted truths and contentious issues, editors need sufficient critical distance.

M&G left the door wide open for critics

The newspaper erred in turning a suggestion made at an ANC workshop into a party decision.

Ship out to isolated St Helena before the planes land

Drawn by romance and remoteness, a family embarks on a holiday to St Helena.

Let’s dismount from objectivity’s high horse and start talking

A journalism of conversation is a responsibility to the quality and inclusiveness of the debates that ripple across society.

Pistorius trial puts new media ecology to the test

The murder trial of Paralympian Oscar Pistorius has provided a stark depiction of how the media landscape is changing under our feet.

Police battles require careful reporting

The lack of trust in security structures is spilling over into reports about them.

British media probe lifts lid on a cesspool of violation

The press commission's system of self-regulation, generally seen as ineffectual, is certain to face an extensive shake-up, writes Franz Kruger.

The only guarantee of freedom is freedom

Last week's parliamentary vote for the Protection of State Information Bill shows us the country we could become.

Dying all over the front pages

The Libyan fighters who dragged Muammar Gaddafi from that stormwater drain made good use of an additional weapon: their cellphones.

Reporters trust or ignore sources at their own peril

Very little in the news is, in fact, seen first-hand by reporters.

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