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Probe to sniff Martian methane mystery

The ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter will circle the planet and measure minute levels of atmospheric gases.

Evidence suggests huge ninth planet exists past Pluto at solar system’s edge

Astronomers investigating the alignment of rocks beyond Pluto have concluded that an undetected icy planet four times the size of Earth must exist.

Microbe to be in two places at once

Physicists have drawn up plans to put a living organism in two places at once in a radical demonstration of quantum theory.

Comet-chaser fires up its Philae minion

Scientists hope the Philae lander robot can get enough of a power boost through a battery recharge to carry out more research tasks.

Scientists genetically modify human embryos in controversial world first

Scientists in China have genetically modified human embryos that has re-ignited the debate over the ethics and safety of genetic therapies.

Eat your words: Traumatic dinners put the linguini in linguistics

The more obscure the name of your pasta on the menu, the more you'll likely have to fork out when the bill comes.

Final frontier fiasconauts raise Mars bar

The launch to Mars is still a decade away but preparations for the Red Planet expedition are well under way.

Designer GM bugs now safer than ever

The new genetically modified organisms could be used to clean up oil spills or break down toxic chemicals.

Fracking chemicals ‘may affect fertility’

Researchers in the US have found that many of the 750 or so chemicals used in fracking are associated with fertility and developmental problems.

Historical moment as Rosetta spacecraft touches down on comet

History was made as a robotic spacecraft sent to explore a comet touched down. The Rosetta probe will gather images and information on the comet.

Missionary impossible: How sex was a sideways story

?The first act of copulation has been traced to ancient animals that were endowed with such cumbersome sexual organs they had to mate side by side.

Interstellar dust scooped from vacuum

Nasa's Stardust probe collected exotic particles in its cosmic flypaper after a manic comet chase.

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