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Ines Bel Aiba

‘Milestone’ election for Tunisia

Despite fears over extremist attacks, Tunisia's first parliamentary election since its 2011 revolution passed without major incident.

Analysts blast Morsi as court calls off Egypt elections

A court decision to cancel April legislative polls is a blow to President Mohamed Morsi, who is seen by some analysts as failing to lead Egypt.

Egypt’s police fire tear gas at protesters

Clashes have erupted in Cairo between protesters and police as the government scrambles to contain mounting anger over post-football match violence.

Anger grows in Libya’s forgotten town

Sirte was protected by the Muammar Gaddafi regime but now his forgotten hometown is simmering with anger at being side-lined in a "new" Libya.

Cairo under curfew after 24 Copts killed in clash with army

Cairo is under curfew after 24 people, mostly Coptic Christians, died in clashes with security forces in the deadliest violence since Mubarak's fall.

We will fight until we win, declares Gaddafi

A defiant Gaddafi has vowed to fight until victory as his forces launched surprise fightbacks, and China officially recognised the interim government.

Mubarak, two sons detained for 15 days

Hosni Mubarak was placed in detention, prosecutors said on Wednesday shortly after state media reported his two sons had also been detained.

Tunisian army chief warns against ‘power vacuum’

Tunisia's army chief on Monday warned that a "power vacuum" in the country could lead to dictatorship, as the government prepared a Cabinet reshuffle.

Egyptian anger soars with food prices

Sky-rocketing food prices in Egypt since the start of the year are being matched by a rumbling wave of popular discontent and unprecedented strikes and demonstrations. Textile workers, teachers, doctors and accountants have all threatened strikes under the united banner of ''Stop the expensive life'' while doctors went ahead last week with a one-hour work stoppage.

‘Sexual predators’ prowl Egypt’s streets

From lewd looks to inappropriate touching, experts say Egypt's growing street harassment of women is a deep-rooted and largely ignored problem shackling the country's progress. Sexual harassment in public areas is not limited to a specific age category or social class, says the independent Egyptian Centre for Women's Rights.

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