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India says peace talks to resume with Pakistan

India and Pakistan have agreed to resume peace talks that were broken off by New Delhi after the 2008 Mumbai attacks, Indian sources said on Thursday.

Obama to push cooperation to India Parliament

US President Barack Obama met India's president on Monday ahead of talks with government leaders that will see him address Parliament.

Games chief says all countries will take part

The Commonwealth Games Federation chief said on Saturday there was still work to be done amid concerns about security.

Pakistan, India joust after peace-talks deadlock

Pakistan said on Friday that India's "selective" approach to issues has led to what analysts say is a stalemate in talks.

Air crash puts focus on India infrastructure, safety

An air crash in India that killed 158 people has underlined fears about safety gaps in the country's booming airline industry.

India, Pakistan hold first talks since Mumbai attacks

India and Pakistan hold their first official talks since the 2008 Mumbai attacks on Thursday, a meeting that may help thaw their frigid relations.

UN climate negotiators hammer out initial draft

Negotiators facing a Friday deadline hammered out an initial draft United Nations climate pact overnight.

India: Kyoto climate pact in ‘intensive care’

The Kyoto Protocol is in ''intensive care'' and global negotiations to extend the pact have stalled, India's environment minister said on Wednesday.

India to enforce energy efficiency in climate fight

India will make energy efficiency ratings a must for electric appliances from January, stepping up domestic efforts to fight climate change.

Climate debuts in India polls

India's parties are offering environment plans in their manifestos for the first time, but the chances of climate policies after the election are slim

Nepal parties try to form govt after Maoists quit

Nepal's political parties met on Tuesday in a bid to form a new coalition after Maoist Prime Minister Prachanda resigned.

India says Pakistan is whipping up war hysteria

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said on Tuesday that Pakistan was whipping up war hysteria.

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