Lisa Van Wyk

‘Optimistic old sod’ Robert Hodgins dead at 89

The painter Robert Hodgins, who passed away on March 15 at the age of 89, described himself as "an optimistic old sod".

Xingwana: Homophobic claims ‘baseless, insulting’

Female artists snubbed by Arts and Culture Minister Lulu Xingwana at an exhibition last year have called her response homophobic and unconstitutional.

Between man and nature: The elephant’s path

Andries Botha's series of elephant sculptures around the world has brought awareness to issues of conservation -- and upset the ANC in Durban.

The elephant that caused all the trouble

A public artwork planned for Durban at a reported cost of R1,5-million has been scuppered, allegedly because the trio of elephants are an IFP symbol.

Zef side, stateside

SA internet sensation Die Antwoord's sudden online fame (or notoriety) has left both local and international audiences intrigued.

Alien vs alien at the Oscars

South African blockbuster <i>District 9</i> has been nominated in the Best Motion Picture category at this year's Oscars.

In one year, out the other

2010 is still in its mewling and puking stage, but already the expectations are quite high. They are at this time every year.

The dissent of man

It's astounding to think that On the Origin of Species -- a book that pushed us of our pedestals -- has been around for so long.

ET would want to go back home

What if ET had arrived in a flash on Saturday night? We would have been terribly embarrassed.

A very happy unbirthday to you

There's a scene in <i>Alice Through the Looking Glass</i> where Humpty Dumpty tells Alice that he's received a gift in celebration of his unbirthday.

Tofu and a side order of ideology

There is a new(ish) cafe in Greenside. It is draped in banners proclaiming ''Go Veg! Save The Planet!'' which, appealed to my bunny-hugging nature.

As they say in the classics

There is something satisfyingly pretentious and overblown about using Latin.

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